Basics with extra body length

Do you also like basic tops with extra body length?

To me, it’s super important that the basics I use as base layers or as tops, are long enough! I don't like the feeling when my clothes separate in the middle above my jeans or my skirt and I constantly have to pull them down. 

This is exactly why we have made most of our tops extra long. From the top of the shoulder to the bottom they are 75-76 cm long with a few exceptions. Being seamless and when you wear them, they will be shorter when they are pulled in the width. This means that if you are a size 40/42, they will still be comfortably long in most cases. 


If you have doubts about our sizing - let me give you a guideline in below.

- All cotton comes in One Size and covers size 34 to 40

- All recycled silk comes in One Size and covers size 36 to 42 for tops and 36 to 40 for bottoms

- All Merino Wool comes in One Size and covers 34 to 42 for tops and 34 to 40 for bottoms.

- Most Mulberry Silk comes in S/M and L/XL. S/M covers 34/36 to 40 and L/XL covers 42 to 44


You can always contact us on if you have any doubts or questions.

Have a lovely week