If you wash and care for our clothes in a better way, they will not only last longer; you will also leave a lighter footprint on nature.

  • Follow the washing and care instructions in the garments carefully.
  • Do not use fabric softeners and detergents containing bleach or enzymes. Try to use detergents made especially for silk and wool. They can easily be used for cotton as well.
  • Wash on reduced time and low temperature. Washing machines clean just as effectively at lower temperatures and on less time.
  • The fibers of the soft, light and delicate Silk, Merino Wool and Cotton fabrics of Seamless Basic only need washing at 30℃ on the GENTLE WOOL/SILK program on your washing machine. The normal cotton wash programs are too hard even at 30℃ and speed is too high. 
  • Use a washing bag.
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Stretch gently into shape while the garment is still damp
  • Flat dry the damp garment in or outdoors in the shade
  • Iron or steam gently on low heat to regain length and shape
  • Make better washing habits a daily thing and you clothes will last for longer.