I founded Seamless Basic in 2018 with the desire to make basics in natural and beautiful high-quality materials for women, but more importantly also as a longer lasting alternative to many existing products. 

We are all responsible when it comes to the preservation of the globe and the survival of nature. We all need to change our consumer patterns and make conscious choices. Seamless Basic is an expression of that choice; with styles in delicate and natural materials designed and manufactured with the intention of being worn for more than just one season and still remain beautiful. 

Simple and delicate design that emphasizes the dresses, skirts, tops, and shirts in a woman’s
wardrobe. Together with classic basics we have chosen to relaunch new editions of old virtues such as underskirts, slip dresses and tops. Every style has been created to be a favorite basic. Whether you prefer tempering Merino wool, pure mulberry silk, elegant recycled silk or soft and fluffy cotton, all the fabrics are very carefully selected by me to fulfill the basic needs and purposes of your everyday wardrobe based on my own experiences of what I always seem to be missing, when I get dressed - and then of course the good feeling of wearing something pure, soft and natural on my skin.

The idea behind it is the pursuit of making timeless and simple design, where the materials
make all the difference, and where most colours, styles and materials remain the same season after
season. A seasonless concept. 

Being consciuos is an important part of Seamless Basic. 

The packaging is made exclusively out of FSC certified paper to protect nature, and the boxes are made to be kept and used for all the small items we all love to store and keep. See all details under Fabrics & Wrappings.

The seamless concept generates far less material waste during production. The Seamless Basic tops have no side seam stitching and the leggings have no front- and back crotch stitching. The fabrics are knitted in tubes, which means that they are cut lengthwise in production. This gives less fabric cut off and therefor less fabric waste. Knitting the fabric in tubes means less sizes. The fabrics are all rib jersey qualities knitted in different ways, which makes them more flexible in size.

Our material selection consists solely of natural mono fibers such as 100% silk, 100% Merino wool,
100% Cotton, which breaks down much easier in a recycling process as opposed to artificial fibers
in mixed compositions. Check the details under Fabrics & Wrappings.

How you care for your clothes matters. It matters to nature and to the longevity of your clothes. The longer your clothes "live" and the longer you use them, the more sustainable the are. Under Wash & Care you will find detailed information on how to care for your Seamless Basic products.

A conscious and lasting choice!

X Trine