Slips & underskirts for women

Far from all beautiful dresses come with the slip of proper quality they deserve to fall gracefully and create the most beautiful female contours. We decided to address this issue. That's why we took a classic approach in creating our ultra-comfortable silk slips for women, which are also breathable and highly hypoallergenic due to the pure and natural materials. At the same time, you get a durable and flexible slip that you'll feel comfortable in from morning to night due to silk's advantages.

We've revived the slip and underskirt as a traditional garment in two pure qualities. A lovely 100% recycled silk in a beautifully pointelle rib and an exclusive 100% pure mulberry silk with a smooth surface. Silk slips are essential for achieving that smooth effect, allowing your dress to fall as elegantly as possible. You also get a durable and flexible underskirt for dresses or skirts that you'll feel comfortable in from morning to night due to silk's unique properties.

All slips and underskirts are seamless and based on the love for natural materials, all to provide the best possible comfort for you. 

Black and beige silk slips

Investing in your basics is a wise choice since your slips, underskirts, and underwear are in contact with your skin for many hours daily. You can change your dresses and skirts according to the season and mood as trends come and go, but a high-quality basic slip and underskirt remain timeless classics in your wardrobe.

A smooth slip ensures that your dress or skirt always drapes nicely. It's the little invisible detail that gives you confidence and courage.

Our timeless dress designs are generally available in a classic color palette with elements like grey melange, deep black, and blush beige. A black slip is like a loyal companion to all your other dresses, and the beige slip is the essential choice for dresses that are slightly see-through.

Shop dresses & slips from Seamless Basic

Dresses from Seamless Basic come in pure silk for warm summer weather and pure merino wool for cooler days. We also have a special selection of dresses and slips in 100% natural merino wool. Style a merino wool dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves with silk leggings and a soft cotton top. One of the significant advantages of merino wool dresses for women is their natural temperature-regulating effect, which you can enjoy in both cold and warm weather.

Therefore, you will benefit from a merino wool slip for most of the year in our northern latitudes. In the height of summer, a soft silk slip is essential to ensure that your summer dress drapes nicely.

You'll, of course, avoid annoying side seams that scratch and twist when you put on a Seamless Basic dress, just like it's characteristic of the rest of our collection, where you'll find a unique selection of lovely tops and blouses, silk panties, as well as leggings and pants in pure natural qualities.