Sometimes you have to follow your heart and do what feels right...

Løvens Hule / Dragons' Den

Participating in Løvens Hule (Dragons' Den) wasn't a part of the plan when Trine founded Seamless Basic in 2018. However, there were many who suggested she should write an application and in spring of 2021 she wrote one. She didn't expect to get chosen to pitch in front of the five lions.

And yet she was. With a good strategy for the pitch she was ready to stand in front of the lions in the legendary room. But as the day arrived she became nervous.

Trine didn't expect to get an investment but during the pitch she had a great chemistry with Mia Wagner who was very impressed of Seamless Basics quality and design.

Since the appearance of Løvens Hule season 7 in august 2021 a lot has happened. Trine is currently taking over the German market with over 70 stores having the Seamless Basic styles and also the Japanese market.

Is there a better way to expand Seamless Basic and the values than having an investment from Mia Wagner and Nordic Female Founders?

We're looking forward to the journey that has already started.