Dress up in merino wool for women

You'll find the complete range of clothing in pure merino wool for women from Seamless Basic. We are absolutely in love with the fantastic quality of wool, which is both silky soft and elastic. Merino wool's natural temperature-regulating properties make clothing in this pure quality highly versatile in both winter and summer. Merino isn't just gentle against the skin; it also helps your body breathe, keeping you warm or helping to dissipate heat, depending on whether you're cold or hot.

Our lovely seamless favorites and signature styles are designed with cuts and colors that remain classic and flattering, as they are created for women of all shapes. Merino wool's antibacterial and nearly self-cleaning ability means your essentials require fewer washes, which will extend their durability, and they will undoubtedly faithfully accompany you year after year. If your merino wool clothing needs a refresh, you can conveniently hang it outside to air it out.

Tops, blouses, dresses, loungewear pants and leggings in merino wool

Wear your basic styles in merino as the innermost layer when the cool, crisp autumn air returns. Merino wool is at its best when it fits snugly against your body. Throughout the winter, a comfortable pair of leggings and a fine turtleneck blouse will keep you pleasantly warm. When the spring sun reappears, you'll still greatly appreciate a tank top or a t-shirt in soft merino wool, and on warm days, the lightweight merino wool can even help cool your body.

Our long-sleeve merino wool blouses feel like a soft hug on a cold autumn day. The classic and minimalist design can be easily styled for everyday wear with a pair of pants and a blazer. When it's time to relax, the sweater can be paired with a pair of pants in 100% merino wool for the ultimate loungewear. Items from Seamless Basic in merino wool come in both a smooth and ribbed texture.

Buy women's clothing in soft merino wool 

Seamless Basic challenges the traditional fashion world by breaking away from industry patterns and seasons. Here, you can acquire your exclusive basic styles made in natural materials with methods that offer fewer seams and more comfort.

Our warmer blouses, tops, dresses, and leggings are made from soft and lightweight merino wool. When you hold each item in your hand, you'll sense their thoughtful details like ribbed edges on the necklines and the quality of the 1x1 fine rib that characterizes the sweaters and tops from Seamless Basic. Carefully crafted with a seasonless approach and a great love for the planet.

You'll also find seamless slips and dresses in merino wool in our range. Our wool styles are always without side seams because it gives them a more comfortable and flexible fit, allowing them to adapt to your body shape. Also, explore our other selection of essential basic styles and discover new indispensable favorites for your wardrobe in other pure qualities - soft cotton, recycled silk, and luxurious mulberry silk. Read all about merino wool here.