Journal with Katrine Faester

At Seamless Basic we adore Katrine. She has a very lovely and natural glow and we love her Instagram profile @katrineFV where she shares her everyday life with family and a cute Havapoo as well as stunning interior. Katrine has a great selection of Seamless Basic styles and here you can see how she styles it.

Silky Daze

I use the tanktops for everyday use and when going out.

For everyday use I like to use it under an open shirt, leatherjacket or something similar. I love combining the cool and feminine and I think that this top is perfect with a pearl necklace, leatherjacket or an open shirt.

When going out I will style it with lots of necklaces or under a blazer with a pair of jeans and stilettoes.

Perfect top for both summer and winter 🤍

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Mellow Polo

I use Mellow Polo alone with a pair of high waist jeans. Use it under an open jacket so you can see the polo details with the open neck and the collar.

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