Moments with jewellery designer

Lea Høyer

Words by Trine Weber Carlsen
Photography by Frederik Vohnsen
Video by Ray Moolser
14. februar 2023

"It is important to me to be present"

Lea Høyer

"It is important to me to be present"

Lea Høyer

On February 14, 2023, we met with Lea Høyer in her beautiful workshop and showroom in the heart of Aarhus. We had been given the opportunity to ask Lea 7 quick questions.

A bit about Lea and Lea Hoyer Jewellery:

It all started in 2017. That year was a special turning point in Lea Høyer's life. Lea's mother and grandmother gave her the opportunity to participate in a creative jewelry course at Godsbanen in Aarhus, and without quite knowing what it entailed, Lea said yes, as she had always wanted to explore and express her inner creativity. The course turned out to be the start of a jewellery adventure that has developed every year since the beginning.

Lea's own abilities, combined with having been lucky enough to meet and surround herself with people who believed in her and her company, are some of the reasons why she has come so far.

When Lea designs and creates her jewellery, she uses water casting technique. It is an organic process where she melts the material and drips it into a bowl of water. At the bottom of the bowl, an imperfect, organic shape is created by the movements of the water. Lea never knows exactly how the shapes will develop during the process of a new collection. Her drive is to be present in the moment, rather than focusing on long-term future plans, and for her, the most important part of the process is that it must be fun, exciting, and full of adventure.

The fundamental for Lea

"It's important to me to be present around the people I'm with and I love to surround myself with beautiful things. I'm probably also a bit of a perfectionist."

Silk or wool?

"I definitely prefer wool. My sister-in-law has shown me the benefits of wearing wool, and I love it because I'm always cold. Earlier, I was always freezing."

What is sustainability?

"Sustainability to me is slow fashion. I care a lot about buying quality over quantity. I believe that one should invest in things that can last."

The best thing about your wardrobe?

"I am really happy with my wardrobe because the items I have are bought with great consideration. I like that everything goes well together, which is why my clothing is also very color-coordinated. I enjoy very calm colors and luxurious materials that can be used together."

Your female role models

"The first person that comes into mind is my mother, because she has shown me that the entire world is open to me. Overall, I think there are so many extremely talented and inspiring women in the world."

If you weren't a jewellery designer, what would you work with?

"If I wasn't a jewellery designer, I would definitely be a fashion designer. I love being creative and creating products that can have a new life somewhere in the world."