Journal with Malene Friis

Amour and Cotton Spaghetti

My Amour blouse and the matching Cotton Spaghetti top have become two favorites in my wardrobe. They are so beautiful together.

The two styles can be used under everything or just alone, where it contributes to a clean and feminine look. I often wear vests or blazers and Amour is great to wear underneath it.

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Mellow Classic

The Mellow Classic blouse in bordeaux is the perfect blouse to always have in your wardrobe. Mellow can both go to everyday life and for more festive events.

I love tone in tone and the Mellow blouse under my brown Spencer dress is a great match and can save any clothing crisis.

You can always make the blouse look more festive by adding some nice accessories. I've put my pearl necklace on and voila.

I also use it for jeans, sneakers and blazers in everyday life. The cut at the collarbones is a great feature. So beautiful and feminine!

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Mellow Slacks

I like to add extra color when wearing Mellow blouse and Mellow trousers.

This weekend I just wanted to keep the set simple and it works too! The fine ruffle edges on both blouse and trousers make the set perfect for all occasions.

I will wear the pants alone for summer with sandals and a loose oversize shirt or a colorful top.

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