Journal with Mia Wagner

The perfect match

Mia Wagner invested in Seamless Basic in the seventh season of Løvens Hule. During Trine Weber Carlsens pitch there was an instant interest from the investor.

Mia Wagner says that "From the moment I got Seamless Basic styles in my hands I knew that these would be some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I believe that it will be many other women's "go to garment".

I truly enjoy that the clothing from Seamless Basic is made in natural and exclusive materials. I get a feeling like my body can breath better whenever I wear Seamless Basic."

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For everyday use

Seamless Basic styles are without side seams which is a game changer for Mia Wagner.

"The comfortable fit means that I can focus on what I need to accomplish or focus on the ones around me without being distracted by clothing that folds oddly. It's especially nice when I need to perform."

With a busy schedule Mia Wagner likes to keep it simple and easy when making quick clothing changes.

"I often need to make quick clothing changes from work wear to after-hours. I like to wear after-hours items that are soft and comfortable which is why I often use one of the blouses in mulberry silk. They have a nice look all day long. It fits my personal style that can be classic and minimalistic."

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The symbolism of the wrapping

The values of Seamless Basic are incorporated in the wrapping and in the product. It's the perfect gift for yourself or someone you hold dear. Mia Wagner is aware of the values and the symbolic meaning;

"The beautiful wrapping means I can give it as a present for the ones I love the most. They understand that here's a special product that needs the same love like the one we have in our relation."

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